Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stone Buddha Amulet Sold

We only put up 2 Thai amulets for sale on Ebay as we wanted to see if the web site would sell the amulets we had listed there - and two of them sold recently. On one I'm waiting to check the paypal account before I declare it sold, but the other has definitely sold.

If you want to save money off the Ebay auction prices you can wait until we put the amulet at our web site... we are putting the same amulets on ebay that we have at our web site - so eventually you'll see them both places unless the amulet sells first.

We are getting a lot of questions about the Sisaket amulets - and to answer the most frequently asked question - YES, all of the amulets except maybe 2-4 that we'll keep for our personal collection will be on sale at ebay and on the web site. These amulets will be on our web site first - and will only be put on ebay once. Sometimes there are buyers on ebay and sometimes not. The auctions only last for a week - so maybe a serious buyer isn't online looking at that time.