Sunday, August 5, 2007

Thai Amulet (Jatukam type) Saves Boy in Accident

Thai amulet saves boy's life in vehicle accident

A Thai boy had almost unbelievable good fortune, Thai people attribute to the amulet he wore on his neck. The amulet was a round, Jatukam type Thai amulet that was encased in a 18K gold case and worn around his neck religiously.

The boy was riding in a vehicle with his family when there was a horrible accident. Everyone sustained very serious injuries except this boy that came away completely unscathed. The photo is of the boy displaying his magic Thai amulet...

Buddha amulets, revered monk amulets, and even amulets with rulers of the province a Thai person lives in are all considered to have special protection powers. There are countless examples of Thai amulets saving the person that was wearing it.

Right now there is a country-wide craze about the Jatukam amulets that many Thais (most) believe are very powerful. These are recently made amulets and are going for very high prices in Thailand. The starting price for a real, sacred, Thai amulet of this type (Jatukam) is around $300 USD. I don not sell these on my site because frankly Americans and Europeans don't quite get it yet. Foreigners value the old Thai amulets, the antiques. These new Jatukam amulets are more of a Thai thing and probably will last a few more years. The jury is out on how long, but EVERYONE is wearing their new Thai Jatukam amulet (pendant).

Ok, I'm going to photograph and post some more amulets for sale on our web site as well as Ebay auctions. Hope you find something you like!