Friday, August 3, 2007

Thai Amulets for Sale:

Today I spent about 6 hours putting up 6 or 7 amulets for sale. Wow - that's like an hour per amulet. I had a lot of extra stuff to get done today like deciding on a layout for the pages and how I wanted the hyperlinks to look.

I think looks ok for now - I'll add some more Thai amulets for sale later, possibly tomorrow.

The Thais' believe that if you date someone for a couple years, she is your wife. In America we might date for 15 years and she still might not be my wife... I'm glad to call her wife though, she is an incredible girl - like I've never believed could exist! Thai girls from Sisaket are the best!

I'm trying desperately to finish a book about Thailand and get it submitted to a publisher. I've been here for 3 years and I have more than a couple stories to tell. Thailand is an incredibly diverse and interesting place to visit. If you get the chance, you should really come out and see the Thai amulets for sale yourself, firsthand!

Here are the links for the pages I built today...


Oh - did you see the videos and photos of the amulet blessing ceremony?

Jatukam Amulet Blessing Ceremony in southern Thailand >