Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thailand Amulets from Sisaket, Thailand

Hello (Sawasdee Krup),

We are a husband and wife (American-Thai) couple that have recently started to list sacred Buddhist amulets, charms, pendants and old ancient Thai relics on Ebay and on our own web site. We are not sure how this will go in the future, but when my wife saw the fake amulets being sold on Ebay - even she knew, it wasn't right.

Buddhists believe in the idea of karma... all those sellers of fake and less than genuine amulets are building up bad karma for themselves.

We wanted to counteract that by listing only authentic Thai amulets from known collectors here in Sisaket, Thailand and other areas of Thailand.

Over the years I have amassed boxes of sacred amulets. I've written down notes and put them in every amulet box that we have so I remember what temple, city, monk and seller I purchased from. Many of the amulets we have are family type amulets but we are really overflowing with them. We think that by spreading the good karma with these Thai amulets we can have better lives... Let's hope anyway.

We will leave notes here about amulets for sale on Ebay and also at our main site:

Thailand Amulets for Sale >

If you look at the links on the right we will have videos and photos of a Jatukam Buddhist Ceremony where they are blessing the sacred Jatukam amulets.

We will have information pages to help you decide if the amulets you are about to purchase from Ebay are genuine or fake.

We will have specials sometimes that we list here and not on Ebay or on the web site.

If you are a collector of fine Thai Buddhist amulets or relics please have a look at our site.

Thank you.

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