Monday, December 24, 2007

Some New Thai Buddhist / Buddha Amulets Coming Online Shortly

Hello Thailand Amulet Buyers,

We have sold quite a few amulets in the past couple weeks - apparently for Christmas holidays! That is great and we thank you for your orders!

We'll spend some time over the next week or so to put more of our amulets online. We have quite a few that aren't listed. However, we would like to get a lot of amulets up online. We are going to start taking photos of the amulets at the temple and listing them here as if we have them... When you tell us you want it, we can go check the temple to make sure they have it - and then confirm to you that they have it. We'll put a deposit on the amulet at the temple and after you pay with Paypal we'll go back to the temple and finish paying for the amulet and mail it to you.

Here's how it will work:

1. We'll find the most in demand Thai Buddhist monk and Buddha amulets at the temple and we'll put the photos of the amulets up at our ThaiAmuletSales .com site. These will be high resolution photos that show you front, back, side and tell you anything we know about the amulet in short form.

2. We'll list the price for the amulet and if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible.

3. We'll ensure the temple HAS the amulet and if so we'll put a small deposit on it and email you that we can purchase the amulet. You then pay with Paypal and once we confirm it we'll go over to the temple and purchase it and send it off to you the same day.

How's that?

That's our plan anyway - let's see how it works. We'd like to be able to show the large number of amulets that are available from this temple, but we couldn't afford to buy them all to list them on the site here!