Friday, January 4, 2008

New Good Luck Amulets from Ajarn Jumnien

We're going to refocus our efforts a bit here and start to offer the Good Luck Amulets from Luangpor Jumnien Seelasettho of Wat Tum Sua (Thamsua) in Krabi, Thailand.

Ajarn Jumnien (Jumnean, Jumnearn) is well known across Thailand and the world for being the "good luck monk". We have offered a couple of his amulets in the past, which sold well. Yesterday I picked up a new amulet from the temple that I really like a lot. The temple is only making these for a short time so if they sell well here I'll buy a group of them and sell them for a while at this site.

There is a photo here... The front of this good luck amulet features Ajarn Jumnien himself. The amulet is made of copper or bronze (I got two different answers from different monks at the wat, so unsure!). On the reverse side is a pot of money encircled by the 12 Chinese zodiac animal figures: horse, rat, cock, snake, etc.

Here is a photo of the reverse side:

(Click images for larger size & better resolution)

We are offering this good luck amulet as a test to see how well it sells at just $19.00 + $9 shipping and handling (to USA). If shipping to Europe add ($5) because for some reason it is more money to ship to Europe from Thailand.

If you are interested in purchasing this good luck amulet with Ajarn Jumnien, Thailand's "Good Luck Monk" please go here to see the current page with more information and PayPal link...

Good Luck Amulet from Ajarn Jumnien,
Wat Thamsua, Krabi, Thailand >