Friday, March 28, 2008

April 20% Off All New Wat Tum Sua Good Luck Amulets!

For the month of April we'll cut the price of all the
new amulets at Wat Tum Sua by
20% savings.

We are surprised that we are selling some, and maybe if we cut the price a bit there will be more buyers? We'll try this experiment for April and see what happens.

All Thai Buddha Amulets listed on this page are already 20% off when you click the link to order through processing.

Update on mail times...

To Malaysia - taking anywhere from 3-7 days on average.
To UK - taking anywhere from 5 - 7 days on average.
To USA - taking anywhere from 7-14 days on average.

Please be patient - all the amulets have arrived so far so we are getting great service from the mail systems. Even the Thai side!

Keep watching this page, we will have some new products listed shortly - sacred cloths and other small Buddhist Amulets, chains and things we can mail easily.

Sawasdee Krup!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you want to order a small (or large) quantity of any of the amulets just write us an email and let us know. You'll save substantially over the individual cost for them. If you want anything special, let us know too and we'll have a look at the temple. There are about 4 places in the temple where amulets are sold. Each place has a little different inventory of the Buddha and Ajahn Jumnien Thai amulets.