Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ajahn Jumnien is Coming Back!

I was at the temple for a couple days and there has been a remarkable increase of activity there. I noticed another 100 or so ladies clad in white outfits - laypersons or -nuns or magee they're called. They often take the precepts as the monks do and follow strict routines. They are the workers of the wat - as they do EVERYTHING and more.

Anyway - so I noticed, wow - there are more people here than ever before - and yet few tourists. Very few. I guess the tourists are going home this month mostly. I've said goodbye to 3 friends from England and Switzerland recently.

I walked to the top of the mountain and found my monk friend - Pra Pornpitak on the steps. We talked for over an hour - we love to practice Thai-English conversation with each other. He's a great guy... he had a visitor with him that came from Phuket - I'll post about that conversation on another blog.

Anyway - on coming down the mountain I realized that there were MORE people there than when I climb the mountain earlier.

What was going on?

Oh - Hey, it's the end of April... Ajahn Jumnien is to return sometime soon - I had forgotten! He is gone so much, that when he comes back there is always a large group to greet him!

We were lucky enough to get some time with him to give him a donation from a friend from England - Andrew. This time I'll go to the wat everyday and try to get some time with him.

So - Andrew - Ajahn Jumnien is coming - can you make it here????

Let me know if you see this - I'll email you as well...