Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jatukum (Jatukam) Amulets go Swimming in Thailand...

Jatukum Amulets in Thailand are being THROWN AWAY.

Here is the latest pic in a Thailand newspaper of Jatukum amulets found after having been dumped somewhere. In this case a large number of Jatukum amulets were found dumped in a stream.

These amulets took off like a roaring stock market when they first came out. Temples all over Thailand started creating their own versions, hoping to cash in on the craze started in Nakhon Si Thammarat with some good luck Jatukum amulets there.

Temples went into debt buying the presses, huge advertising banners, taking out newspaper advertisements and spending other cash to promote their version of the Jatukum amulets only to be met with a disbelieving public after some senior monks came out and said that the amulets did not provide luck any more than the dirt they were created with.

This led to a lot of failed hopes and dreams. Amulet dealerships went through the roof for the last couple years. A typical amulet sold for 1500 baht or more (about 45 dollars USD) here in Thailand. I've seen them for as high as 50,000 baht - 1500.00 usd. Many rich Thais bought the most expensive Jatukums they could afford and now they're seen as junk. Unfashionable. Most high-society Thais' have trashed their Jatukums or put them in a drawer in the bedroom, embarrassed to wear them around their necks anymore.