Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Thai Buddha Amulet, Gold Rimmed

I don't have this one up at the Amulet Site yet, but here is a new amulet we're offering. It's a carved white stone (not ivory) that is encased (rimmed) in gold plate. It's very lightweight and ideal for a child or woman as it's quite dainty, maybe one inch long (2.5cm).

(Click image to enlarge.)

The reverse side is open - and there is no design on the reverse side.

If you wish to purchase this amulet before I make the pages for it - (a few days) send just $14.95 to our account at

Our confirmed ID there is:

This price includes shipping worldwide. If you want two of these amulets please send $24.95. If you want three, send just $32.95, (all in US dollars).

Ok - thanks to all buyers so far, we are doing great since February 2008.


If you haven't seen our new (small) Wat Tum Sua website here is the link for the Buddhist Temple where we obtain these amulets: