Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Gold Buddha Amulets Coming Next...

I went by the temple the other day to see about buying one of the amulets I ran out of at home and I found that they had many new gold Buddha and other gold Buddhist amulets for sale.

I decided I'd go back in a couple days and find some of the smaller gold amulets and purchase a couple to feature on Thai Buddha Amulets!

All of these new amulets I'll put up for sale are a little more expensive than the others I have for sale. I wanted to put the really inexpensive amulets up first to see if they would sell. They are selling now after a few months, so that's good news. Unfortunately mailing costs are high from Thailand and even though our original amulets were only $14.90 to $19.90 we would make as little as $2 off selling one sometimes.

Now I'll get some of these new Thai gold amulets up on-site and see how it goes. The price range will be somewhere around $49 for one of these nice gold amulets. They'd make stunning gifts as they are brilliant 23K gold plated and very bright and shiny - like gifts should be, right? They are small - perfect for a charm bracelet or necklace. I haven't seen Thais' wear charm bracelets, most everyone wears their Buddhist pendants on their neck or bring them in their purse. 95% of Thai people wear their Buddha amulets on their necks.

I will post these new gold amulets at the Buddhist Amulets for Sale pages and also provide links off the WatTumSua.thaipulse.com mini-site as well.

If you are looking for a gift for a spouse or friend, these new amulets might be a good find for you. All amulets are guaranteed authentic and guaranteed to be from Wat Tum Sua, Krabi, Thailand.

As usual we take little profit from the sales of these amulets, preferring to see them distributed across the world rather than sit in the display case at the temple. Wat Tum Sua is not a rich temple by any means. It's nice to be able to purchase their amulets and make them a little cash as well.

So, everyone is a winner!

- the monks and skilled artisans that created the amulets.
- the temple and it's occupants (currently there are over 100 magee (nuns) and 86 monks at this temple. This does not take into account the 10 or so male laborers that donate time to clean the temple grounds daily. It's a very large temple and a lot of people depend on the generosity of contributions and amulet sales. Wat Tum Sua allows a great many magee to come to the temple to escape bad (abusive usually) relationships at home. Ajarn Jumnien said any woman can come that needs a safe place to stay.
- we benefit because we make a little extra money for the month (I do mean, little.)
- you benefit because you get a genuine Thai Buddhist amulet from a temple that doesn't sell them any other way except in person.