Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Gold-Silver-Copper Good Luck Amulets Featuring Ajahn Jumnien!

Our best selling Thai amulet is the Ajahn Jumnien Good Luck Bronze Amulet. The price is unbeatable at $5.90 plus the standard $9 shipping and handling worldwide. But, we've just come upon a couple more of these amulets, in upgraded form. We now have the exact same style of amulet - the same design with Ajahn Jumnien on the front and the pot of money surrounded by Chinese zodiac animal symbols. But, these new amulets feature gold, silver, and copper coatings which really bring out the shine in this good luck amulet. See for yourself. We have much bigger photos on site that will help you decide if this is the good luck amulet for you.

We're betting that, despite the price differential these new amulets will become better sellers than the bronze good luck amulet.

The prices for these new gold good luck amulets will be:

$24.90 for the new amulet in the protective plastic case. (see photo below)

$59.90 for the new amulet in this special edition gold case. (see photo below)

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