Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Gold Thai - Chinese Buddhist Amulet: Kwan Yin (Gwan Yin)

New Gold Buddhist Amulets (Amulett, Talisman, Pendant, Charm):

Kwan Yin Thousand Armed (Hand) Pose Amulets!

Kwan Yin Buddhist Goddess Amulet

Kwan Yin Buddhist goddess amulet, reverse
The two photos above are of Kwan Yin #7010 (front and reverse)

Kwan Yin amulet in gold case
This is the front of Kwan Yin #7020 - a really horrible photo, will retake again later.

There is some confusion over the spelling of this Chinese Buddhist Goddess with many arms - some say, "Kwan Yin", others: Quan Yin, Gwan Yin, Gwanyin, Kwanyin, Gwa Nin and other variations. She is a Chinese- Buddhist goddess that is frequently posed as if having many arms. The Thousand Arm pose or Thousand Hand pose is how this is usually referred to.

Kwan Yin is a female and a very important figure in many Buddhist traditions. Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion. In Buddhism gods are ghostly beings, subject to rebirth, they are not gods as in creators, as westerners see their gods. Kwan Yin in history is a rebirth of the Bodhisattva Avolikiteshvara, a monk from a previous time who was reborn in a heavenly realm and filled with compassion for all living beings. One legend tells the story that Avolikiteshvara chose to be reborn as a beautiful woman in order that she could marry a famous king and convince him to become a Buddhist. Most Buddhists see Kwan Yin (Quan Yin) as a good luck goddess - especially Chinese Buddhists here in Thailand.

A reader requested a Kwan Yin amulet and since I didn't have any I tried the temple and found a couple of them for sale. They are a little more money than the Buddha and other Buddhist amulets I have posted at: http://www.thaiamuletsales.com/ , but I thought I'd add this one to the collection since these amulets were especially nice. If you wish to order one - just let me know by email and I'll quickly create the order page with Paypal buttons, otherwise I might take a week to create one. I'm lazy like that sometimes! :) These are more expensive than the other amulets on site - either of these gold Kwan Yin amulets pictured above will be $59.90, including shipping (worldwide).