Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Item: Thai Buddhist Yan Cloth with Monk Chanting

Buddhist Monk Yan Cloth, yellow

This is a new yellow Buddhist Yan cloth from Wat Tum Sua in Thailand. I'm guessing the monk is Luang Por Tuad, but don't quote me on that... I need to consult my expert first. I'll bring the cloth to the wat and talk to my favorite monk, Pra Pornpitak.

I'll get this up on-site ( as soon as I can get a few minutes to make up the page and add this to the accessories page. Maybe I need to make a separate Yan Cloths page as I am starting to offer a lot of them.

If you want to order this - order one of the other Yan cloths that are already onsite and specify that you want this new one with the monk chanting with folded hands and I'll know to send this one. They're all the same price - so - no worries there.

Ok - have a great day...