Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Amulet Sales... New Web Site

Well, a lot going on here over the past 2 weeks. The biggest news is that the Gold Ajarn Jumnien round good luck amulets are selling! I knew this would become a favorite - they are definitely the most beautiful amulet and serve the highest purpose - good luck & prosperity and money coming in.

I built another amulet site filled with the word "Talisman". There's a chance you might come upon that sight too as you're searching for Thai amulets. It's basically a clone of - just different colors! Same sight. Same prices. Don't be confused.

The other news was the recent sales. Recently we've sold amulets to buyers from:

New York, USA.
Springdale, USA.
Annapolis, MD.
Stockholm, Sweden.
Barcelona, Spain.
Kittiwoop, Canada (Sorry - forget province)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
San Francisco, California.

Order your amulet today - receive it rather quickly. Shipping has been running smoothly lately.