Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thai Amulet Sales: Report

The new site is online and taking orders. Google and Yahoo are sending Thai amulet searchers to the sales site as well as this site ( and a couple other non-amulet-related Thailand-based sites.

A quick tally shows the...

Top selling Thai amulets in order of number of sales:

1. Ajahn Jumnien Round Good Luck (Money coming in amulet).

2. Ajahn Jumnien Oval Silver "Protective Hands" or "Healing Hands" amulet.

3. Tie among the Gold Cased Buddha amulets, these are new amulets and selling well!

Some of the Yan (Yant) cloths are selling, though no bracelets have sold. I've been adding free Yan cloths or a sticker to each order of the Gold-cased amulet series just as a bonus, but you don't see it until you check out through Paypal.

I'm going to add some stickers soon since I think they might sell. There is a nice round Ajahn Jumnien sticker for the inside of your car window that is really nice. I'm slow about getting new items up on the site - should focus on that today and tomorrow.

Thank you all customers for your orders! Please let your friends know about the sites and don't hesitate to write if you have any questions about the amulets or know another amulet you want to order but we don't offer it on site. Perhaps we can find it...