Friday, July 18, 2008

Ajahn Jumnien is still at Wat Tum Sua Temple if you want to meet him...

Gold, Copper and Silver Thai Buddha amulet in gold case
I'm really surprised by how much the visitor traffic has dropped off at the temple and now Ajahn Jumnien is able to be met easily most days as he allows a period of public contact in the morning before and after lunch it appears. He is always in a very balanced mood and smiling. He is friendly to everyone and yet he must be stressed out because he travels and does so much for a man of his age! I believe he is 72. I think that's correct.

There are few people at the temple - maybe 150 per day now, which is much less than used to be at this temple!

Recently I was happy to find that Wat Tum Sua has a NEW amulet which is an improvement on the amazing amulet they had already. I've already updated the web sites with the new photos and they can be found at this page.

Thai Gold - Copper - Silver Buddha in Gold Case >

We are already selling them as it appears to be popular just from the photos and the photos of theis Thai amulet are NOT that good! The amulet itself is really beautiful to look at. Real attention to detail.

Basically it's the same as the Gold Buddha amulet in the gold case - but, now it's a Gold, Copper and Silver Buddha in the gold case. The Thais' call this color scheme the "3 Kings" and I think it relates to the 3 Gems: Buddha - Dhamma - Sangha.

I have more photos to put up of new amulets but I've been lazy... doing things for other web sites I have. Have you seen my motivational blog???

Maybe you'll find something that interests you there? I have a couple videos up there and I'll be adding one about meditation as soon as I have 2 hours to upload it - it's very long - about 44MB!

Ok - good luck in everything you're doing - and stay out of the heat - July - hot time in the states and some of Europe as well!

:) Vern