Friday, August 8, 2008

Thai Buddha and Buddhist Good Luck Amulets Update

This is an update about the happenings here at Thai Buddha and Buddhist Good Luck Amulets.

They are stocking some new Thai good luck amulets at the temple and if I ever get around to it I'll take photos for you here. Actually, I'd better do it right now or it might be a month before I put them in here.

There are two new Ajarn Jumnien good luck amulets pictured below. Both will be the same price as the original round Aj. Jumnien amulet we have at the main site:, just $14.90 including shipping and handling.

Oval Ajarn Jumnien Good luck (Copper)

Round Ajarn Jumnien Good Luck Amulet

Reverse side features a Ganesh (Elephant god) surrounded by the traditional Chinese good luck zodiac animal symbols.

Finally a better photo of the good luck scrolls - they are gold, copper and silver leaf rolled up into scrolls and made into an amulet.