Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Thai Amulets Coming...

Last week I noticed a new amulet place opened up so I stopped in. I almost fell over. The guy has a couple hundred amulets - most of them older - 50+ years and for reasonable prices. Well, at least not sky-high. I talked with him and he agreed to let me take photos of them and put them online.

This would be a major undertaking and I haven't decided to do it or not. I think for now I have too much going on. I may create a new format for www.ThaiAmuletSales.com that just lists the amulets, photos, and prices and if you like one - write me and I'll send you a paypal order. Much easier than trying to make pages for each amulet - and there's only one of each - so - after it was sold - that page - the time I used to create the amulet pages - gone.

Better to have a couple large pages filled with Thai amulets and you write me if you're interested.

These amulets will be up over the next month I'm guessing. There's so many - I'll just pick the ones I think might sell.