Friday, October 17, 2008

End of Buddhist Lent

I was at the temple buying some amulets for some customers and I noticed there were so many people at the temple that day. There were various signs and decorations all over and I figured that Ajahn Jumnien would be returning and they were welcoming him. Then I thought - is it Ajahn Jumnien's birthday? Nope. His is same day as mine, May 1. Then I realized...

It's the end of the 3 month Buddhist lent in which the monks stay at the temple and are under strict vowels about their behavior. My buddy Brunty has some end of lent photos from a Thai temple close to him in the northeast of Thailand.

I bought the Thai amulets I came for and then I headed over toward the other end of the Thai temple where they have a large Guan Yin statue which gets a lot of attention from the Chinese-Thai tourists and locals here in the area. There were literally over a hundred people there, some feeding monkeys, some lighting incense and praying... nearly everyone had their Thai amulets on. Most people now prefer the gold cased amulets with plastic windows - that keep their sacred Thai amulets safe inside. The Jatukum amulet craze has come and gone and most Thais are embarrassed to wear those amulets anymore.

If you're coming to Thailand - don't fear... the current political situation is much same as it always is... It has been unstable for 30+ years. Why should this year be any different? If you're planning on coming - don't change your plans, just come and stay out of Bangkok if you can. The rest of the country is 100% business as usual!