Friday, October 3, 2008

Luang Por Tuad, Thailand's Most Revered Monk

I was looking at other Thai amulet sites this morning and I came across a site full of great information about the history of some of the famous Thai monks that amulets are made of.

Luang Por Tuad is perhaps Thailand's most well known and revered monks. He was born in the 1500's and had an incredible life - as the story goes.

Here is a link to our Luang Por Tuad Amulets. There are many more at the temple, and if you're interested in the gold cased amulets I can get photos of those to you.

Luang Por Tuad Copper Protection Amulet >

Ajarn Jumnien & Luang Por Tuad Protection and Good Health Amulet >

Here is a link to the Luang Por Tuad story (and it is a little embellished I'd say!) There are another 5 articles relating to Luang Por Tuad as you scroll down that page. Enjoy!