Saturday, November 8, 2008

As the World Feels the Pinch of the Economic Crisis... People Buy Thai Amulets

We've had good Thai amulet orders despite the apparent world-wide recession. The good fortune (money coming in) Thai amulets are selling especially well since most people are focused on that aspect of their lives at this time. Here in Thailand we're also feeling the hurt - rice has increased in price as has most street vendor food and some supermarket foods. Surprisingly gas has gone down 10 baht (30 cents usd) per liter in the past couple months. Why that happened I haven't the slightest idea. I'm not keeping up with Thai goings on - though I live here full-time. I avoid the Thai televisions and Thai newspapers.

We have a new amulet, a chinese dragon that is especially beautiful and we've featured it in another post. There are just two of these left at the temple and we don't expect them to last long. I almost just bought them both today out of fear that someone would order one and I wouldn't be able to fill the order. Then I thought, ahhh, if someone wants it and they can't get it - they can't get it. I don't like to buy the Thai amulets in advance because if I guess that someone will buy them and then they don't - I'm stuck with them. Better to buy as each order comes in - usually I can fill it.

If you want to see the money coming in - Chinese dragon amulet from Wat Tum Sua Thai temple just scroll down on this long page and find it - or, if you're not at the index page just go to:

If you haven't seen our Wat Tum Sua mini-site with photo galleries you can find it here:

Wat Tum Sua Photo Galleries, Krabi, Thailand.

If you have an interest in meditation and want to download some MP3's or videos about meditation - it's all free at my personal meditation journal collection here:

Seemlessness meditation journal

Good luck in these harsh times - hope you (we all) pull out of it soon!