Sunday, November 23, 2008

Black Clay Black Magic Thai Amulet

This was a surprise at the temple as they don't usually have Thai amulets of the black magic nature. This amulet was crafted using the clay/dirt from seven sacred burial sites (graveyards) here in Thailand. The amulet is a protection from evil spirits amulet, but Thais are also known to use them in black magic rituals as the clay is imbued with strong powers.

The monk meditating on the tiger's back is Ajarn Jumnien, Buddhist abbot at the Wat Tum Sua, "Tiger Cave Temple" in Krabi, Thailand. He is famous world-wide as Thailand's good luck monk.

This amulet is compressed clay, though it is not fired in a kiln. It is strong enough that it won't fall apart as long as you're careful with it. Most Thais buy a case for their clay amulets to keep them in good condition. This is such an exceptional amulet that I won't sell a cheap case for it - only the silver (solid) listed below.

The amulet is about an inch by almost an inch. It does not come with a protective case, however I can probably get my hands on an exceptional silver case - handmade, for about 2300 baht (today in US dollars that is about $76). Please let me know if you might be interested in the case as well - I don't have them on the website - but maybe will put them up later. Here is a photo of one of the handmade silver cases (solid silver).

Photo of a silver case below: