Monday, November 10, 2008

Found Some of Our Amulets at Ebay OVERPRICED!

We get our Thai amulets from Wat Tum Sua in Krabi, Thailand in the south. Some of the amulets they make themselves and some they get from temples in Bangkok - the capital of Thialand.

We don't mark up our amulets very much because while we'd like to make a little spending money here in Thailand our real concern is just making these amulets available world-wide since they wouldn't be if we weren't selling them.

We also sell some amulets that are from Bangkok, bought by Wat Tum Sua monks. They make money off our buying and we give 10% back to the temple so we feel good about this. Hopefully it's good for Karma - yes?

I was looking on Ebay to see what other Thai amulet sellers were selling and guess what? It's almost criminal what some Thai amulet sellers are selling their amulets for!

Here are some links...

These are the same type of amulet that we get here - though not exactly the same. For some reason they are really selling them high priced. I think we must be the lowest priced amulet sellers of genuine Thai amulets in the country. Have you looked at Ebay stores for amulets made in Thailand?

Here's a Thai amulet for $229 that we can sell to you for just $69. No joke...

Here's a buy it now Thai Buddha Amulet for $199 that we can sell for $59.

Here's a Gold Buddha amulet buy it now for $119 that we can sell you for $59.

Here's a gold Ganesh Hindu elephant amulet selling for $179 that we can sell you for $69.

Here is a tri-color Buddha amulet selling for $99 that we can sell you for $49.

Here's a King Rama V Thai amulet selling for $69 buy it now price that we can sell you for $39.

Here is a Thailand amulet we sell on for just $19.95 selling at this other site for $69!

If you want any of these Thai amulets give us a write at: TryThaiFood a----t and we'll try to find it for you. Please don't pay $199 for a $60 Thai amulet.

In the future we'll be adding a lot of amulets from Thailand to the store. All of them will be fairly priced and $9 shipping to anywhere in the world.