Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gold Ganesh Hindu Amulet in Gold Case Shipped from Thailand

This Hindu Ganesh amulet is a very bright gold color, and enhanced further by an 18K gold case, protecting the amulet. This is a new amulet offering and one that we expect to sell a lot of. For some reason the gold amulets in gold cases do well. We've only recently begun selling the Ganesha type amulets and it's more of a test to see if they're in demand or not. There are not very many searches on Google for Ganesh amulets, but - we'll try it. Maybe the world doesn't know about them yet! Or, more probably everyone is searching on elephant amulets and not using the words Ganesh or Ganesha.

Here you can read more about this Ganesh/Ganesha amulet and purchase it if you so choose:

Gold Hindu Ganesh (Elephant) Amulet in Gold Case >