Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sorry, One More WAY Overpriced Ebay Amulet... $375 that should be less than $100 USD.

When I saw this one I almost fell over...

Here's a supposedly Thai amulet that is priced about $270 OVER what I can find it for here in Thailand.

And, there's a BID on it! Oh my... please Thai amulet buyers... look around more before you buy. There are few amulets coming out of Thailand that are worth more than $300 USD. If you do find one - it probably WON'T have a gold plated case like this one... it will probably be in a traditional silver case, old silver or older looking silver. I haven't seen the real ones ANY OTHER WAY.

Another way you can tell is because these same sellers have sold many things that I believe to be less than genuine. They have the same "Estate" selling format for all their stuff. What, some estate left brand new amulets when someone died? Hmm.

Another way is that these Thai amulets are coming out of Australia. How in the WORLD did they come upon so many Thai amulets from estates of persons who died in Australia? It's ludicrous!

Be careful...