Monday, November 24, 2008

Thai Amulet Video of the Biggest Thai Amulets I've Ever Seen

I was looking at YouTube to see if there were any videos about Thai amulets there and I found some. Some really ridiculous video was talking about the power and specialness of the Jatukum (Jatukam) amulets that are completely worthless here in Thailand. Please, don't buy any Jatukum amulets (the large round ones about 2" in diameter and more). They are throwing them into streams here to get rid of them by the tens of thousand. No joke.

I noticed various videos about testing the power of amulets. This to me is rather ridiculous and a fraud. One can't test the power of the amulets - and if you could you'd do it for a panel of experts: Thai scientists that can verify what you're doing. Of course nobody does that.

This was probably the most shocking video I saw about Thai amulets as it showed a man with HUGE amulets - and apparently the monk that makes them. Are these amulets special because they are larger? Ajarn Jumnien wears nothing larger than a 3 inch amulet. The amulets he has around his neck and fastened to his monk robe are some of the most powerful on the planet. When I see him carrying around a typewriter sized amulet I'll start to believe it. Video: HUGE Thai Amulets >