Friday, November 21, 2008

Tri-Colored Bejeweled Ganesh Amulet in 18K Gold Case

Tri color Ganesh figurine (statue) surrounded by jewels in a tear drop or rain-drop shaped 18K gold plated case.

This is another of the tri-colored Ganesh/Ganesha Hindu God amulets we began selling recently at Thai Amulet Sales (.com). This amulet is especially intense having the gold, white and copper (melon) Ganesh surrounded not only by an 18K gold case, but by 24 jewels. This is definitely the most stunning Ganesh at the temple and hopefully the phtoos at the main page will give you an idea of the brilliance of this amulet. Keep in mind that we photograph the gold and other bright amulets like this Ganesh in the shade because otherwise the photo would be just a gold blur in the sunshine. The amulet is very bright and flashy in the sun.