Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gold Ajarn Jumnien Amulets are Back...!

We now have a small group of the gold circular cased Ajarn Jumnien amulets that we had for a year but that were sold out until recently. The temple had some today and I bought 10 because I know they'll sell - they always do. I'm considering going back and buying 20 more.

Photos: http://thaiamuletsales.com/buy-ajahn-jumnien-round-gold-good-luck-amulet-gold-case-item-1210.htm

These are the smaller pendants and are not the same size as the larger round gold-cased pendants you see in the post right before this one. These amulets are bigger than a quarter around and just a little less than a US Silver Dollar if you've ever seen one of those - they're rare!

Anyway - they're the perfect size and are one of our best selling pendants/amulets - if not the top selling pendant we have.

Go to the link above to purchase one of these brilliant gold good luck pendants from the temple of Thailand's Good Luck Monk - Ajarn Jumnien of Wat Tum Sua (Tiger Cave Temple).