Monday, April 6, 2009

New Solid Silver Pendant: Good Luck & Protection Amulet

If you haven't been to our Thai Amulet Pendant Sales home page for a while you are missing the latest changes.

Today I put up our latest Buddhist good luck & protection pendant. It's solid silver! This is our first solid silver pendant-amulet and for all we know, the last. The temples just don't make solid silver amulets much anymore. We are seriously considering buying all of these because we know they're going to sell out soon.

The front of this awesome silver pendant features world-revered Luang Por Tuad, Thailand's most respected and famous monk across the globe. Luang Por Tuad is THE protection monk and can be found on most authentic good luck pendants from Thailand.

The reverse side of this amulet shows Pra Upakut - The monk known and respected for bringing good luck and prosperity to businesses - new and old. The phrase "money coming in" is very big in Thailand among those that wear pendants with Pra Upakut on them. Many Thais have multiple good luck amulets like this. Some wear 5 at a time on specially built necklaces.

If you want to reserve one of these limited edition (not sure how many made - but the one pictures shows #101 in Thai letters on the right of Luang Por Tuad) then visit the order page:

Solid Silver Pendant with Luang Por Tuad & Pra Upakut >

I bought two of these today - and not sure how long we will have them available.

Good luck and have a great day!