Friday, August 28, 2009

New Thai Amulets coming to

We went shopping recently and bought 30 more different types of Thai Buddhist amulets than we already had. If you are looking for Buddhist birthday amulets - we have some stunning gold ones for each day of the week that you were born. The Buddha amulet featured here is for people born on Thursday - on the reverse side is Ajarn Jumnien, Thailand's Good Luck Monk.

These are favorites in Thailand and in Chinese culture. We'll have the new amulets on the site within a week - keep checking!

Oh, I almost forgot - we are now accepting Western Union in cases where you don't have PayPal or, don't want to start a PayPal account. Your order must be over a certain amount - I think we said $30 on the site. Anyway there is a link at to tell you more.

Don't miss our Thai amulet updates at our main Thai Buddhist - Buddha amulet site.