Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Birthday Pendants - Day of Birth Thai Gold Pendants

We found some great birthday pendants at the Buddhist temple recently and couldn't wait to get them online. These are brilliant pendants - gold, silver, and copper color of Ajarn Jumnien, Thailand's Good Luck Monk, on the one side and the Buddha on the other side in various positions corresponding to the day of the week that the person wearing the pendant was born on.

Here's all 7 days of the week birthday pendants >

We kept the price down so they're affordable for everyone - We have 3 each of each day of the week - so, if you want one order it fast. We've already seen some orders so we're going to buy the rest of these pendants when we visit the temple tomorrow.

Buy one for a friend or loved one's birthday, graduation, or just to say - I love you. To the right is the Buddhist pendant for "Thursday" birthdays. There are 7 unique positions for the Buddha. Go check them out! >