Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ajarn Jumnien Returning to Wat Tum Sua End of Month

We've heard from the monks at the temple that Ajarn Jumnien - Thailand's Good Luck Monk - will be returning to his home temple at Wat Tum Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) at the end of December. If you hope to meet with him - this would be your chance. It's not known how long he will stay at the temple - and usually it's a week or less.

Hopefully he will have time to bless the white Buddha pyramid amulets we have had on order for a few months. There was a large waiting list for this Thai amulet - and, it's our best selling Buddha amulet ever.

If you have a chance to visit Wat Tum Sua (Wat Thamsuea) you should go! It's a beautiful spot and you won't be disappointed.

Did you see our new videos at ThaiAmuletSales yet? We put up about 9 videos of various Buddhist temples in Thailand - an easy way for you to experience Thailand from the coziness of your warm chair!

Santikaro from Liberation park is also in Thailand recently - WELCOME!