Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ganesh - Ganesha Amulets from Thailand - Free Shipping

There are a number of amulets we sell at our main site,, and we are trying to expand. We have had a number of people ask for the Hindu Ganesh - (Ganesha some say) amulets.

Ganesha was the Indian son of Gods Parvati and Shiva. Shiva killed the boy when he blocked Shiva from watching Parvati bathe - in accordance with Parvatis wish that he guard the area. Parvati was heartbroken. Shiva promised to make it right - and make the boy a God. He put an elephant head on the boy and made him a god. Ganesha is the god of obstacles. He can put obstacles in front of people or take them away.

Thais and Indians really like this God and they often pray to Ganesha before they do anything - for favor and ease of accomplishing the task, whatever it is - and however small or large.

If you are interested in owning Ganesh - Ganesha amulets from a real Thailand Buddhist temple in the south of Thailand you can click that link above to see the 27 Ganesh - Ganesha amulets we just published at the main site. There are 9 pages of Ganesh amulets - with links at the bottom and tops of the pages.

We now have: Buddhas, Nong Kwak, Kwan Yin, Chu Chok, Luang Phor Tuad, Phor Jumnien, Ganesh - Ganesha amulets from Thailand to send to you - Free of Charge!