Friday, April 9, 2010

Thai Buddhas, Ganesha, Kwan Yin, Nong Kwak Amulets

We'll be putting up Buddhas, Ganesha (Ganesh) - Hindu elephants, Kwan Yin - goddess of compassion amulets, and Nong Kwak - good fortune (money coming in amulets) over the next week or so.

There are literally hundreds of new amulets to put up on ThaiAmuletSales (.com).

Have you seen the main blog yet?

Thai Amulet Sales Blog >

We're releasing new amulets there because it's easier to create the pages and get a whole batch of amulet pages up quickly.

If you're going to be buying over $100 USD for your amulet order write us first so we can give you some kind of discount. It will depend what you're ordering but we'll give you something off. Write ThaiAmuletSalescom[[at}}