Monday, May 3, 2010

New White Buddha and Gold Buddha Thai Amulets in Stock

Our best selling Thai amulets are the triangle shaped Buddhas - there is a white one and a gold one - both in gold cases, that outsell everything else we have. We used to be able to get these from the temple often - but, for the last 8 months or so they just never got the white Buddha amulets in at all!

We had a waiting list of 11 people at one point that were waiting on the white triangle Buddha amulet!

Everyone except 3 gave in and finally accepted the gold triangle amulet as a replacement. The gold ones in our opinion are every bit as nice -and the gold Thai Buddha triangles are our second best selling amulet anyway.

The white Buddha triangles are very rare - and, quite frankly, we've not seen them anywhere else but our temple. If you see them elsewhere selling for more- these are probably amulets we sold to other stores! Likewise, the gold triangles also are sold to other stores - we've not seen them more than one or two places. Never for the fair prices we sell them at.

So, if you want to get one of the new white or gold Buddha amulets give us an email: and we'll reserve one for you and send you the Paypal request. These are only $34.95 each, and everyone in the month of May 2010 gets free secret gifts with every purchase - in honor of Ajarn Jumnien's birthday - May 1st.