Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Thai Buddha Amulets - Jade, Brass, Collectibles

Yesterday we drove to a new temple and picked up some lovely new Buddha amulets made of jade and brass - and some clay Buddhas as well. There was a large selection of older amulets, but we prefer to use our trusted local resource for those - knowing they are truly what he says they are.

It's hard to find good jade Buddha amulets in Thailand - believe me, we've looked often. If you are looking for the jolly fat smiling Buddhas - now we have some in jade for your necklaces! Email: to see them - or, follow the links on this page to reach our home site.

In the future we'll be adding considerably to our Thai amulet inventory - and hope you come to buy all your Buddhist amulets at our main store!

Jade Buddhas now available at Thai Amulet Sales store - !