Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Jade Buddha Amulets from Remote Thailand Buddhist Temple

We were scouring the countryside the last week to find remote Buddhist temples in Thailand's northeast. We came upon a tiny temple with an amazing find - absolutely unique white jade Buddhas! We bought 12 and will sell 10 in a special sale. We'll put each white jade amulet in it's own solid silver case and sell them one at a time for $295.

These are unique, very rare (one of a kind) amulets that you simply will not find anywhere else. These jade Buddhas were made from the same white jade used to make a very large solid white jade Buddha at the temple we visited. These amulets are unique and blessed - and are excellent gifts for any Buddhist.

Please have a look at our main site to see these amazing new Thai amulets!

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  1. Hi im gambit here, im looking for a light purple
    mixed white buddha amulet.Aliment of the amulet i want is jade. If have p.s let me know tks..


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