Thursday, February 24, 2011

Premium Thai Buddha Amulets from Thailand

We have never had a site for premium Buddha amulets - those rare amulets that make up the top 1% of the greatest amulets we find in Thailand. We thought we'd have a hard time selling them, and so didn't buy any to sell - just for ourselves for the past few years.

We decided to create an All Buddha site - at to showcase all the amazing unique Buddhas we find as we go from temple to temple across Thailand - looking to see what they have for sale.

We buy the amulets at only at authentic Buddhist temples in Thailand. We cut our risk of being scammed - to zero, this way. This cuts your risk to the same level. There are hundreds of people selling amulets in Thailand that are selling nothing more than very cheap (pennies on the dollar) amulets that jewelers made for them to resemble real Buddha and other Buddhist amulets.

We will put photos of some of the amulets we have at this site for you to get a sample. If you like them you can write us at and we'll get right back to you.

Ok - don't forget us when you want to find the best Buddhist amulets for your family and friends.


Vern & Joy

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