Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cambodian Jade and Crystal Buddhas, Silver Jewelry Boxes, Nong Kwak Statues, More

We had a trip to Cambodia recently and were amazed at what we found. There were some really beautiful Buddhist items - especially the crystal and jade Buddhas, and the sterling silver handmade jewelry boxes.
Amazing items and we're going back to buy more. 

If you might be interested in buying some of these very unique items go have a look at our Buddhist Items Blog - Thai Amulet Sales Blog - and see if there is anything on the page you'd like.

Click the graphic below that shows the items we found...

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  1. These are some of the nicest gifts from southeast Asia that I've ever seen. I am usually just a die-hard amulet shopper, but these are lovely. In particular I like the silver boxes. Thank you for bringing the wonderful amulets and other Buddhist items of Cambodia to our attention!


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