Friday, May 20, 2011

Revised,, and Our Blog

We have revised a few of our sites, and are in the middle of considering more changes for How to present our Thai amulets in a way so customers can see everything with the least amount of effort? Put images all over the home page I think... so that's what we did.

You can see an image representing each Thai amulet category on the homepage of

We changed the theme at and we revised prices at - dropping hundreds of dollars off most of the amulets. Are they worth $500 and $900? Absolutely... unfortunately we don't have the time needed to sell them for what they are worth and we'll probably lose in the sale of these lovely white jade and petrified wood Somdej Buddha amulets.


  1. I like the design of all the sites, but I liked them before too - your Thai amulet sites are quite better than the others I've seen - keep it up!

  2. Bro i have a gd Buddha pendent abt 100 over yrs think of letting go interest


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