Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Thai Amulets: Buddha, Luang Phor Tuad, More...

 Simple brass Buddha meditating in lotus flower shape.

 We think this is soapstone. This is an intricately carved Buddha. Weight - about a kilogram (2.2 lbs)
We'd love to sell this Buddha piece to you - but not sure how to ship it.

Small brass or bronze Buddha charm for necklace.
We have many of these at our main site for sale. Nice price.

Ramathip - copper.

Buddha with Chinese zodiac. Exceptional piece, special edition.
Find all of these at

Reverse side of above... Buddha again.

Buddha meditating on coiled Naga (snake).
Small charm, very nice for gold necklace. 
Buddha in round Jatukam style - This is a limited edition Thai amulet.
We have just 1.

A tri-color version of the Buddha Jatukam amulet we have above.
Again, we have only one of these at our main site:

This case needs to be changed to a solid silver case with clear glass.
This is an outstanding and unique amulet - we've not seen another one in Thailand.

Brass Buddha seated on raised pedestal on lillypad.
Exceptional detail on this...

Pra Bit Tar (Bidtar) - closed eye monk...
We have just one of these Thai amulets - it is a special edition.

Jatukam Ramathip. Solid copper Jatukam style amulet.
One of a kind special edition - we've not seen another. 
From Wat Phra Matat in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand.

Jatukam Rama Thip - colors are off here -
this is a brilliant tricolor + black Jatukam special edition
for sale at under the Jatukam section.

As you can see - we have a number of new amulets - and this isn't even 1/10th of what we have recently put up on the main site. We have a number of new Buddha amulets - and necklaces... bracelets. 

Have a look!

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