Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here is a nice little Thai Buddha amulet that is made from stainless steel, and is very affordable. We have it for sale at our site under the "New Buddhas" link. These amulets were poured on-site at the temple and it is a new Thai amulet the temple has not fashioned before.

We saw bowls full of them disappearing, so we bought a few of them to sell here and at

The reverse side is simple, but that makes this amulet from Thailand even better - 

These are typical symbols found on Buddhist amulets from Thailand. Not all amulets have them, but, they are usually on the ones we sell from the temple in the south named Wat Tum Sua. The spiral symbolizes Buddha, knowledge, the great accomplishment of nirvana... the marks around it are from Pali language (which is what Thai language is based on partially).

If you are a Buddhist person, finding genuine amulets - real amulets from Thailand, might appear impossible to you. Have a look at our amulets at our main site and see if you find something that might fit you.

We get all of our amulets from Buddhist temples around Thailand. We are 100% sure they are blessed and authentic. This is more than most people know about the amulets they buy or sell.

Metta and good karma to you and your family...


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