Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Thai Amulets for Sale

We have recently returned from a trip to one of our favorite Buddhist temples in Thailand's south and, as usual, we purchased far too many new Thai amulets

We will post a couple of photos in the next few days. Specifically we found some waterproof amulets - Luang Phor Tuad, Thailand's most famous Buddhist monk; some gold cased Nong Kwak amulets. Nong Kwak is the Chinese figure associated most with success in business and all things money related. If you go into a Chinese store, wherever you are in the world there is a good chance you'll see a Nong Kwak statue there. She is a woman and her one hand is raised, as if saying bye - in English symbols, but, in reality she is calling money in to the establishment. "Money coming in" is the saying that goes along with Thai Nong Kwak's gesture.

Some other Thai amulets we found were Ganesh, Lersi, Buddha (of course), and some wonderfully colored Buddhist necklaces for the amulets. We bought about 90 necklaces because we run short every month.

We did purchase some more blessed Buddhist bracelets at the temple, and these are the usual colors of the bracelets - nothing fancy except some light blue and white ones that we don't see very often.

There were many Thai people at the temple today, and hundreds of them were buying Thai amulets from the market area on the temple grounds.

If you want to find Thai amulets for yourself or your loved ones, please visit:

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We have over 400 amulets for you to choose from - including Buddhas, Kwan Yin, Ganesh, Lersi, Luang Phor Tuad and Jumnien, Luang Phor Klai... Good luck amulets, Kuman Tong black magic amulets and more. 

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  1. I used your amulets site and it was easy to find everything compared to the other sites! I bought 4 amulets for my girls (3+my wife) and we are happy to found you. Metta friend!


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