Friday, November 25, 2011

Thailand's Wan Phra (Holy Day)

Many Buddhists (but not all) practice a holy day called Wan Phra. This is a day known as the day of the monks, or holy day. 

The reason for this day is that it corresponds to the moon's schedule - this is a new moon, when the moon is absolutely black to those of us observing on earth. Monks sometimes will shave their heads on this day. Some shave regularly on this day. 

One of the nice parts about this holy day is that the monks don't have to go on alms walks on Wan Phra. The public - the Buddhists in the are that support that temple, visit the temple instead to give  food and drink, snacks, and other needed supplies to the monks.

The temple still sells Thai amulets during this time - and you can either buy them directly at the temple, or through us at our Thai Amulet Sales site - or our new Buddha Amulet site - 

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