Monday, April 30, 2012

New Kwan Yin Amulets from Thailand

We have been so busy with other things that we are not giving our Thai amulets as much attention as we should be. A couple of months back we bought some lovely new Kwan Yin amulets. Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion, and a favorite amulet of Thai people - especially Chinese Thai and Chinese Malay visitors that come from Malaysia to see Thailand's temples and buy these highly sought-after amulets.

Below are a number of Kwan Yin pendants for necklaces that you can buy if you send us the item number and how many you would like. Send your email to: thaiamuletsalescom ([at}] g m a i l (dot) com.

Kwan Yin being represented as Ganesh - this is a popular amulet, and I think rarely seen outside of southeast Asia. We have a number of these, and sometimes they are under Ganesh, sometimes under the Kwanyin Categories at our site. ( Item #991

This is our favorite Kwan Yin amulet, she is standing in her typical white robe and riding on the back of a golden dragon. This amulet is exceptionally well done - the case is lovely, and we hope the temple has more of these when we return - we'll get another 10 if they have them. Currently we have just 2 left. Item #992

 Thousand Arm Kwan Yin in white pearl shell like finish. This is an exceptional amulet, with a minimal gold case - we love this style. Item #997.

This one is a tri-color thousand arm Kwanyin amulet with a unique shape. The shape is of an unblossomed lotus flower - a common shape used in Buddhist amulets and jewelry, but the shape of this case is rather unique. I think we have 2 of these left. Item #998.

We have a few more at: for you to see. These Kwan Yin amulets are not found at our Thai amulet store (yet) - we will probably get them up there in the next few weeks. If you like one of these or one of the amulets found at the page mentioned above, write us quickly so we can fill the order before we go live at our Thai amulets store with them.


  1. Do you still have the seccond amulet?

  2. If you have any kwan yin amulet please send me your contact and the pictures at


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