Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Recent Thai Amulets We Found

Here are some photos of Thai amulets we found recently at temples close to our home in southern Thailand. Some are available for sale at and some we will probably keep for ourselves because we haven't seen them before.

This is a very heavy (2-3 ounce) takrud prayer scroll that is sealed and for a man to wear on a necklace. These are very popular in Thailand - and we've sold two on our site already in the past. Recently we found 1 more.

This is a rare Luang Phor Tuad, solid silver Thai amulet with a yellow ceramic glaze that sparkles - on the background. We have red, blue, and green colors as well. You could buy the entire set for $300 USD., but we don't have this offer on our site anywhere - just email and tell us you saw the special here. ( The eyelet holes are undrilled. If you want them drilled, we can do so for you before shipping - just ask.
This is one we'll probably keep for ourselves. It's Pra Bittar (Pidta) the closed eye monk, surrounded by Naga (snakes, serpents) in the classic full-lotus meditation pose on top of a demon eating the moon. What makes this special is - 1 - we've never seen this design in the material used, which is BLACK JADE. In 7 years of collecting amulets we've never seen one like this. The price we paid was probably fair, but it was expensive, one of our most expensive amulets. If you would really like to buy it - email and let us know, we'll consider offers over $350 USD. We can put the amulet in a solid silver case if you like. Email:

We bought over a hundred Thai Buddha and other Buddhist amulets recently. We'll try to put more here for you to browse, but we have a couple of other sites where we tend to put photos of amulets:

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